A company website is one of the most important assets of a new business whatever industry you're venturing into. Your website will become your online home, a space to illustrate exactly what you do, how you can help potential customers, and a place to start setting yourself apart from your competitors.

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ABOUT 10,000 people a month Google the phrase, “Am I ugly?” - This is exactly the issue Dove Self-Esteem Project’s Meaghan Ramsey discussed when she took to the popular TEDTalks stage.

Nearly 5 years ago my first son was born and during my maternity I decided that I didn't want to return to my full time city job. I wanted to start a business but having never done this before felt that I lacked some of the skills necessary.

Abigail is about to share her experience and hard-earned expertise with other businesswomen in her new online retail masterclass. Whether you’re considering making the leap and starting your own business, or want to find out how to take your current business to the next level, Abigail’s the expert!

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Career Coaching will help you explore an area of life that feels frustrating, define new goals and get back on track to become more fulfilled. 

Kylie is an inspiring mum of 2 who runs a successful accountancy business aimed at mums. Learn more about managing your accounts with her upcoming free webinars..

If you work from home you will no-doubt have your home and work areas under one roof. In the hectic world you live you might have forgotten how to keep the two separate. Here are some strategies to get you on your way and make the most of your precious space. The clearer your spaces are defined, the easier it is to change your thinking.

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Avoiding cold and flu during the chillier months is an almost insurmountable task. The typical working mum is bombarded by germs and viruses at home and in the workplace. But it's the kids themselves that become a veritable petri dish of bugs when Autumn and Winter arrive.

Djeneba's story shows that you can run a successful business if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, be passionate about what you are doing and are prepared to work hard for it. This is exactly what she is doing..