5 Years ago, Alexandra was a Marketing Manager travelling 3 hours a day to her work, leaving few time for her personal life. She had her 2 girls while she was working there and determined to find her balance.

Clara's light bulb moment came from spending time with her twin daughters Lucy and Annabelle..

If your profession necessitates one-off or regular business trips, it can be difficult to juggle these commitments with family life and responsibilities.

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Flexible work is becoming the norm and the UK government is embracing it with the scheme they put into place earlier this year. You now have the right to request flexible work.

Elisa is a a British Wheel of Yoga accredited instructor based in West London. Here is her start -up story and top business tip..

Never been to the Royal Opera House before or experienced an opera? Now is your chance! ROH Welcome Performances give families the chance to attend world class productions for a fraction of the usual cost.

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La'Shon Anthony is a consultant for small business owners and nonprofits giving them a big voice in their local community. Her business is called Visuals 4 U. Here she shares her start -up story and top business tips..

Depending on your style of advertising or publishing you may have already come across the concept of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been around for more than two decades, but it has changed dramatically over that time and is continually evolving to become a key component of e-commerce and marketing.

Aimee started her business with her friend Gemma in February 2014, born out of a passion to help mums connect with each other and build friendships. The business is a meet-a-mum website called Mum Amie.

Michelle runs her own online business. Here she shares her start up story and top business tip..