With the Easter school holidays just around the corner, you may already be thinking about how you are going to keep the kids entertained as well as juggling your work commitments. Well, Smart Au Pairs has the perfect solution for you – an extra pair of hands in the form of an international au pair.

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If you are interested in working part time from home, the best place to start is to look at the kinds of jobs that are available. If you are an accountant, web developer, or generally spend most of your day behind a computer, it is highly likely that there is a flexible job you can do from home.

We wanted to let you know about a calculator (seriously!) to see just how much you are owed with the “Mother’s Day Calculator”. Newcastle Building Society have come up with this amusing and clever way to calculate how much you owe your mum.

It is the thought and love that counts! If you haven't yet received the gift you have been hoping for (and even if you have) we have something that can make your mother's day special. You can also use this for grandparents, and family whilst at the same time keeping the little ones happy and busy on a Sunday morning!

We have put together a list of talents that most of us (working) mums eventually acquire, and when we do, we can claim to be in the elite category of motherhood..

Heledd Kendrick had no idea how difficult it was to find rewarding work for military wives until she became one herself. She was determined to do something about it so she founded a social enterprise helping military spouses maintain their careers.

How much time do you spend choosing products and services, for your business and for your family? Chances are if you are a working mum, you are making these kinds of choices hundreds of times each week.

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Rarely can we predict when a good opportunity will present itself in life. Occasionally, you will be tossed a chance, and have only a split second to catch it or drop it!

Mum Plus Business is delighted to offer you an exclusive opportunity to invest in yourself and continue your personal brand development. Take the chance to visit the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend at a discounted rate..

Mum Plus Business asked Anne Marie her views on flexible working, starting your own business and parenthood.