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I started off maternity leave just like any other mum. I was super excited about finally being free from my gruelling commute to work and all the drama on the tube. Most of all, I was really looking forward to having a daughter and someone to play with my almost 3 year old son.

The first two weeks of my maternity leave dragged by incredibly slowly. Strangely enough since having my daughter the following ten months have flown by..

Deborah Kester is Head of HR for Man Group, a leading Asset Management Company and mother of three young children. We talked to her about balancing work and family life and her advice for mothers re - entering the workplace. 

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If you are a mother, you will be delighted to hear that once again technology is levelling the playing field! In previous articles we touched on how more flexible workplaces are helping mothers from all around the world construct careers around their family. The latest revolution is that of the coding mum. 

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Are you reading this article on you mobile? Then probably yes. Mothers in our network are currently embracing technology like never before. Some are using hootsuite to manage their social media presence others are delegating tasks to their virtual personal assistants..

You’re single. You’re ambitious. You’re driven…And you have a child. And we’re here to tell you to start owning that status. It can be difficult to juggle a job alongside raising a family. 

Dina Maktabi mum of 2 realised their was a need for a local support network for mothers when she had her first baby. She now runs events where local mothers can find support, make new friends and find out about local activites.

Probably smile widely and punch the air with joy! Now the Tories are in, their pledge to double the amount of free childcare for 3-4 year olds is starting to look like a reality. The scheme to double the amount of free childcare from 570 hours are now to be brought forward to 2016.. 

Why is it so important to teach your children about money and to become entrepreneurial? Watch this inspiring video to understand more..

Ever heard of timebanking?  It’s a way of giving and receiving help without using money – the currency is time, where everyone’s hour is equal.